The unicorn is my spirit animal

It is pale blue and white, quite fuzzy, has pom-poms, a fluffy tail and mane, and of course a glittering golden horn attached to the hood. It is a unicorn onesie, and I am unsure if any other article of clothing has ever made me feel quite this content. I have been donning this ridiculous pyjama like outfit almost daily since I got it about a week ago, and I must admit that catching glimpses of my reflection while I putter around the house brings a smile to my face, and everyone else is certainly  finding it amusing. It occurred to me the other day that I better be sure not to get into an argument with anyone whilst wearing it, I would immediately feel defenceless and the other party could never really take me seriously. It would be like getting into an argument when you are naked, appendages bouncing while you try to make your point РI have done this and it feels stupid too, but at least then you can make a show of dramatically putting on clothes. A unicorn onesie looks just as hilarious coming off as it does when it is on.

I teach ballet classes to kids of all ages, starting at about 2 years old. I like to ask the kids about their favourite things, including their favourite animals – the kids who reply “unicorn” are always my favourites.


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